JookDB features

Connect to multiple datasources

Support to connect to multiple databases in one application. Support fast data transmission and synchronization between databases. Support to connect to the database through SSH tunnel.

Table design and modification

Design and modify the table structure. Easily create or modify primary keys and indexes, and support creation or modification of constraints and triggers.

Data viewer and editor

View and modify table data through Excel-like table tools. Support data import and export, support data filtering and sorting.

User Management

You can easily add or modify database users, and you can add or modify user database permissions.

Execute SQL script

Quickly execute SQL scripts in the background.

Export data dictionary

Export the database dictionary to Excel. The document includes table fields, types, primary keys, indexes, constraints, triggers and other information. In addition, the generated database document can also include information about views, functions, and stored procedures.

Dump SQL File

Database dump, export tables, views, functions, stored procedures, etc. in the database.

Data transfer

Transfer data between databases, including different types of databases.

Database management

Check the space occupied by the database, creation date, object statistics system, etc. Manage database session information. View and modify database variable information.

Import Data

Import data from Excel, TXT, CSV or other data sources.

Export data

Export data from tables or SQL to Excel, TXT, CSV and other files.